Additional Infertility Articles

Reliable Advice on Getting Pregnant

Despite having a good grasp on what it takes to become pregnant, it can be a little harder than most people think. Conditions have to be just right with both partners and patience often becomes a hot commodity during the process. As long as the couple realizes that the first month’s attempt may not result [...]

Hormonal Infertility

Hormonal Imbalance is the leading cause of female infertility. The woman’s inability to ovulate and regulate hormone levels cause a production of too much or too less of one particular hormone. This hormonal imbalance is manifested by symptoms that are easily detected allowing for treatment to begin as soon as possible. These symptoms include irregular [...]

The Truth About Infertility

Infertility is the inability to conceive; it may be remedied. However, should the conditions persist, it is referred to as sterility.

In the United States, one out of every 8 to 10 couples are childless because of infertility; it is a major medical and social problem. Both husband and wife are urged to seek medical attention for complete examinations and evaluation, since almost as many men as women cause a sterile marriage.

It is usually recommended that the male be ev…

Infertility Groups

Infertility diagnosis will often still come as a shock to couples who have been trying to conceive for months. The fact that you and your partner have been diagnosed with infertility will undoubtedly be difficult to deal with during the first few months thereafter. However, the availability of Infertility Support Groups will help you and [...]

Infertility Tests

Why undergo Infertility Tests? To help us find out the reasons behind our failed attempts to become pregnant, infertility tests are to be performed. These tests will include your general history or background, physical examination, semen analysis, blood tests and a number of special procedures. Your reproductive specialist will encourage you to try fertility awareness [...]

What Causes Infertility

Infertility is a condition affecting 2.4 Million couples every year. As both men and women are affected, the leading causes of infertility are yet to be isolated and pinpointed. Researches have established that infertility may be due to biological make up, physical conditions and ailments, environmental factors or even emotional stress. About 40% of infertility [...]

What is Infertility? : A Thorough Definition

Infertility is the inability to conceive or produce offspring, within a period of one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. It is a condition that affects approximately six million American couples or at least 10% of the reproductive age population. This figure has increased to 7.3 Million in 2002and has affected 12% of the total reproductive [...]

Infertility: Signs and Symptoms

The most apparent sign of Infertility is the inability to conceive a child after a year of unprotected intercourse. Infertility is defined as the difficulty to become pregnant after one year of regular and unprotected intercourse and the inability to carry a pregnancy to its full term. More often than not, a couple trying to [...]

Endometriosis and Infertility

What is Endometriosis? Endometriosis is a condition wherein Endometrium tissues line not only the inside of the uterus but also the outside of the uterus, the ovary, the fallopian tubes and even the intestines. During menstruation, the body sheds the endometrium lining your uterus, and its growth in areas other than inside your uterus causes [...]